Services Offered
Panel upgrades: Need a new 200amp electrical service? its not as complicated as you think.

Indoor & Recessed Lighting: Recessed lighting makes an unbelievable difference to a room, add a dimmer to set the mood.

Bathroom Fans: Stop the moisture from encouraging mold growth, I recommend Panasonic for quality and they are so quiet.

Attic Fans: Summer is coming, keep the cooling bills down by installing an attic fan that automatically comes on when the temperature rises to a preset limit.

Smoke Detectors: These are a life saver, they should all link to each other (if one alarm goes off they all go off) and should have battery back up.

Underfloor Heating: If you are remodeling your bathroom, this is a great way to increase the comfort level.

Outdoor & Landscape Lighting:

The above are samples of work we do, no job is to small, give us a call, 818 648 2715 
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